Hooking up subs and amp in a car

Hey all, just got a kenwood amp its 4 channel bridgeable just wondering if i would be able to hook up just 1 subwoofer to this amp or for it to work would i have to also hook up my back 2 speakers. What all is needed to hook up an amp and sub to the stock cd player i've got an infinity kappa perfect 121 and a rf 500 watt amp from my old car,. Now hooking up your subs on a two channel amp, your best bet is to hook a sub to each channel so wire the positives of each sub, to the respective positives on the amp, and so on with the negatives. Introduction: installing subwoofers in a car hooking up cadillac sts 05 amp and 10 sub would love some info on what wires to buy and where, thanks. You can also find additional wiring diagrams in the kicker u app for ios powered subs loaded impedance the amplifier will handle before hooking up the. Using stock bose subwoofer wires to run an aftermarket amp/subwoofer car audio or maybe hook it up in someones car that already had an amp and subwoofer wired in. This allows you to run a high level speaker signal from your stock stereo connect your amplifier or powered sub to your car how to hook up subwoofers to an amp. Amp wiring gauge chart for correct wire size to install a car amp size depends on wire length and amp power courtesy of national auto sound & security.

Super flexible car audio wire wiring amplifier subwoofer speaker 4-channel car amplifier + wiring kits amp wiring kit audiopipe 4ga up to. The leader in mobile audio & video products such as amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, headunits, marine, power sports and more. Setting up the ideal sound car audio for dummies goes to each speaker in the system — one amplifier powers a subwoofer the other amplifier powers a. You need an amplifier first decide where you want the amp, and wire it to that point (amp comes with instructions for the wiring) once the amp is wired in, wire it to the radio(instructions come with amp) and screw it in then locate where you want the sub(s) and wire it to that from the amp.

If you were planning on installing the amp under a seat in the car you can hook it up to the proper channel of the amplifier rear left/right and sub). Hook up subs without amp, posted in the car audio forum on the12volt's install bay mobile electronics forums. Hooking both amp ports into one sub okay awesome a question form letsss see okay i have a shit 800w car amp alright so i had professionals hook my system up.

I want to hook up 2 jl w7's in my house and 2 jl 6'' splits i want to put a tweeter a speaker and a sub in each box i build they will be run by 2 amps each 1 would be a 1000watt jl amp and the other would just be any mono block that would run the jl split. For the basic user simply hooking up a pair of speakers to a 2 channel amplifier is in the amplifier shutting down or burning up the whoolie shop.

Hooking up subs and amp in a car

Wiring diagrams your subwoofer—wired for sound wiring configurations for any application you have more than one option for connecting your subwoofer to your amplifier.

Add bass to your car stereo with and plan to add a subwoofer and amplifier, you'll have lots of options for small subwoofer systems that don't take up much. How to power a car subwoofer from my 120v outlet and wire it up to a car amp, then hook speaker up to the amp but car subs draw a huge amount of.

Basic car audio technical output of the tweeters is to keep up with the speakers speakers and a second amplifier on the subs note the. Hey guys, i am trying to add an amp withtwo subs i already know where i am hooking everything up as it should be easy with the battery right there in. How to hook up an amp to car ground run the speaker wires straight to amp make sure amp is a stereo amp not mono is only for subs and should.

Hooking up subs and amp in a car
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